sorry if this has come up before but i didn't find anything related in recent discussions.

i use houdahgeo for re-tagging photos i took with iphone, which works very well. iphone also shoots video files that are treated by iphone's internal photo application and iphoto as photos - at least they show up between your normal photo files and have location data. is there any way to use houdahgeo to tag these video files, too? or if not, is it planned be implemented in the future?

right now, the only way to geotag those videos for me is in iphoto, but that doesn't change the exif data of the original files. so if i set the actual location of a video in iphoto, use houdahgeo to tag photos in, say, the same event folder, and mistakenly select the video when rescanning the pictures for location data to make the changes by houdahgeo to show up in iphoto, the changes previously made to the video file are gone. this is quite dissatisfying

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Thank you for the feedback. You are not the first to request video geotagging.

I have yet to investigate which video formats support geotags and how these should be stored. 

It is too early to tell if HoudahGeo will evolve in this direction.

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Just putting in my vote for geotagging of video.
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I know this thread is old but I wanted to voice support for video tagging as well!  Would gladly pay an upgrade fee to be able to gain this functionality in HoudahGeo. :)

Any plans for this in an upcoming release?  If not then does anyone have any suggestions for another application that can do so?  Thanks!
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