Hi Pierre

It seems that it has been since 2013 that I can find any reference to GPS video tagging on this forum. I am wondering if there has been any progression for including it in HoudahGeo?

I understand that a limitation to date is the many varying ways of storing it in the metadata. Since HoudahGeo seems to mainly be targeting Mac users with the Photos app, it makes sense to use Apple's approach in this app. Geotagging videos is definitely possible, as Apple already do it by default with any videos recorded using iPhone and the tags show up properly in Photos.

I've played around with a few tools trying to imitate their method storing it in the relevant tag as per the Apple documentation literature, but haven't had much luck. It would be beyond amazing to have HoudahGeo support video tagging for use the Photos app. Further to this, it would be great if HoudahGeo was able to read the 'soft tags' I have manually assigned my videos that exist in the Photos library. As it is, while they are in the library all is good, but the tag is not hard coded into the video meaning moving to another location loses the tag.

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Hi Pierre,
I discovered this post during my search about the same thing.

Do you plan a free/paid update with the video support from Photo applications and geo tags, or more with metadata like the timestamp?
It could be a nice friendly feature.

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disgusting, horrible, sickening and generally hilarious workaround I'm using - specific for a Fuji X100f (H264 video in an MOV container) and tags that work in MacOS Photos app, so adjust as necessary:

Basically.... create a dummy image from each video, use Houdahgeo to tag it along with the rest of your images, then write those GPS tags back to the video.

I'm using these scripts (under zsh) to be run from Automator (folder as input)
  • Step 1 (script 1): generate a JPEG frame from videos
  • Step 1a: Tag all images in HoudahGeo
  • Step 2 (script2) : copy tags from dummy jpegs back to video
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