Howdy!  I searched the forum but didn't see this exact issue come up.

I had previously been using a Garbin GPSMAP 60CSx, in which there was no USB filesystem access to the device, and presumably everything was stored in a single gpx file.

That device has died on me, and I've upgraded to the GPSMAP 64st.  HoudahGeo has been somewhat more clunky it seems with the way Garmin has changed how it stores things on the device.  Simply clicking the Import from GPS option just grabs the current track, which may or may not contain coordinate data for all my photos, and doesn't contain any stored waypoints whatsoever.  To fill in missing track data, and populate the dropdown of waypoints in the Inspector, I then have to manually browse into the mounted filesystem and add the remaining gpx files into the program.

Am I doing something wrong or missing a setting somewhere that would pull in any potentially useful data on the initial import, or can this functionality be added in to support the filesystem and data locations for newer Garmin devices?

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HoudahGeo uses the “Garmin communication protocol” to download track logs and waypoints from Garmin devices. Please check if your device offers options on what it shares through that protocol.

HoudahGeo relies on the open-source GPSBabel to communicate with Garmin devices. HoudahGeo 4.x relies on a slightly older version of GPSBabel. This may pre-date your device. Try the beta version of HoudahGeo 5.0 or the free HoudahGPS. These use the newest GPSBabel 1.5.3.


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