I need to classify websites for retrieval at a later date. If I save the website from the  browser, an htm or html file is created along with the tags that I attach. In some cases, I can get back to the website using the saved file. In others I can't. I would really like to save the link and not a file, or save the file in a way that gets me back to the website.

Any suggestions?
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I don't know what this has to do with HoudahSpot and I'm not really sure if I understand what you want to do.
The easiest way to save a link to a website is to drag and drop the adressbar of Safari to any folder in finder. This will create a *.webloc file.

A even better way to manage websites is to create bookmarks in Safari. This are also *.webloc files but Safari will hold it on one place for you.
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You’ve understood perfectly.

Many thanks


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