I was using Houdahspot successfully for finding tags, then all of a sudden, when I run a tab search from the Tray, I get something called


It used to say just plain ol' Tags in that space. A plain ol's tags option is no longer available.

Further, I now get hundreds of files that were not even tagged showing up in the results list now.

Did I mess up some sort of setting, and how do I fix this?

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That sounds like the symptoms of the OpenMeta Spotlight importer no longer being installed.

Now I don't know how that could have happened, since the importer is embedded in the HoudahSpot application.

Please try re-installing HoudahSpot.

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Perfect, it worked, problem solved!
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I have a somewhat similar experience. If I let Houdah spot stay open for a long time the "tags" stops saying tags and says kDMItemOMUserTags. If I run a search with that I get bad results. So what I usually do is to close then reopen the HoudahSpot window, and then "tags" reappear. I used to use Leap, if that helps. This is not a real problem, but is a little strange.

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