I noticed in the release notes 'Search by type and creator codes'.

I don't understand what it is. Could you explain/give an example of how this works?
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Before Mac OS used Universal Type Identifiers, before it used file extensions, every file had a type and creator code.

The 4 letter type code can be considered an equivalent of a file extension: it tells the system of what type a given file is. E.g. an application would be of type APPL.

The 4 letter creator code tells the system which application created / own a file. This allowed for file to open always with the application which they were created with. Even though several applications on the system might be able to read the file.

Creator codes were unfortunately dropped without replacement in Snow Leopard. Now all .txt file open with TextEdit. Fortunately, utilities like MagicLaunch address the issue.

Even though type and creator codes are no longer required, some applications still set those. Thus you may search for files created by Photoshop by searching for creator code 8BIM.

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Ah, thanks for the explanation.
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