Hi and good day,

 I don't get the logical thinking here in my search, why should / can I not search with:

 "ALL of the following are true"?

Because the name should contain "idex" AND it should be a numbers file?

How can I only get results for numbers files with a name search?

PSE see below, pic.


with best regards,

Omar KN

Stockholm, Sweden

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.28.02.png
iMac 27'' i5
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What happens when you switch to "ALL" of the following is true?


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hi & good day Pierre,

ALL works - alright, what I missed in that little menustrip was the template (see above only visible as a "t") when I really wanted the

Just now I discovered that there are strange iwork file-extensions, such as:

~ numbers.numbers-tef = (teflon? :-)
~ numbers.template

This was almost impossible to see, sorry.

Best wishes,
Omar K N

iMac 27'' i5
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