Good evening,

I have carefully read the FAQ.
I hesitate between 2 GPS logger.
Which you advise me?
i-Blue 747 or Wintec WBT-201
the 2 GPS are not the same price

Thank you

(MacBook 10,5,4, Canon 400D)
j'ai lu avec attention la FAQ.
J'hésite entre 2 GPS Logger
Lequel me conseillez vous ?
i-Blue 747 ou Wintec WBT-201
Sachant qu'il ne sont pas au même prix (72€ et  92€ sur Ebay   )


(MacBook 10,5,4, Canon 400D)
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I cannot comment much to the quality differences between both devices.

I personally use the Wintec WBT-201. This device is fully supported by both HoudahGeo and HoudahGPS.

For the i-Blue 747 you currently need third party software to download track logs. HoudahGeo should support the i-Blue 747 in a future version.

Pierre Bernard
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