Hi Pierre

I am tagging some older pictures, at that time I shot only JPG images. Shame on me, I know.   I tagged them allright and HoudahGeo writes the Geo info into the XMP files, so that works. But when I import them in Lightroom (version 2.7) and I perform a Metadata/Read from files, it does not import the Geo data.

Lightroom will read and write te Geo info for JPG files into the file itself. Only info for Raw files is coming from the XMP sidecars.  Any idea how i can have the GPS info written into the JPG file directly ?

Thanks for your help !
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Hi Frank,

To HoudahGeo, the XMP files take precedence over the actual image files. As long as they are present data is read from and written to the XMP sidecars.

During EXIF export you are however offered the option to "Bypass XMP sidecars". With that enabled, HoudahGeo will write to the actual image files.

Pierre Bernard
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