I have a basic question to which I was unable to find an answer in the software description, f.a.q., and a forum search for "exif."

[B]Does HoudahGeo write gps information into EXIF metadata?[/B]

For instance, I take 57 digital photographs of wild cats and bring along a gps data logger. At the end of the day, I copy the photographs and the gps data log to my computer. Will HoudahGeo read the gps data log and insert the longitude, latitude, and altitude into the appropriate photograph's EXIF metadata?
And if so, is the new gps metadata in the EXIF permanently within the file ([I]wildcat-48.jpg[/I] for example)?

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Yes, HoudahGeo writes EXIF tags. It actually writes EXIF, XMP and IPTC.

This information is embedded permanently (with no loss of image quality) in the file. It may be read by a large number of applications.

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