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i use an M-241 to log my position. 
After importing the gps data using HoudahGeo 2.4.4 (for Mac) my position for a certain photo is recorded as being 22.35891N 105.49340E. This is about 100 miles/150km off the real position.

Now I used GPSBabel to read the binary data from the device and simultaneously convert it into the gpx format. This gives me a position at 21.03080N and 105.8498E which is correct.

Now I deleted all the tracks in the track inspector and copied a single file to another folder to check if it works now. Surprisingly, HoudahGeo uses the old position information.

Any ideas why it does that and how I can get rid of that behaviour ??

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Could you please email me the track log, the offending photo as well as information about your camera clock settings?

pierre.bernard [at] houdah [dot] com

I don't quite understand what you did after deleting the tracks from the track inspector. Please provide more details as to expected behavior and actual behavior.

Pierre Bernard
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Hi *,

just to let everybody know what the problem is/was.

I am using the Holux M-241 with firmware version 1.12. If you use the Holux utility that comes with version 1.13 you will not be able to extract all information (f. ex. the waypoints file is missing if you stored them manually). Offloading the data via bluetooth thru GPSBabel enters some weird dates. The generated gpx file had dates with wrong lat/lon from 1975 (didn't have a GPS back then) in it.  Furthermore there were some duplicate matches but with different positions so HoudahGeo used the last one which seemed sensible. It looks like this will be fixed.

If I use the matching Holux utility for my firmware revision everything works as it should.  The only problem is that I did not want to use Windoze as an intermediate step.

Apart from that pay attention to the Tracklog Inspector Window. I could have seen that there is some problem with the data file.

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