I obtained a license for HoudahSpot a while ago and have been using it on my MBP OS X 10.4.11 machine.  BUT, I must have accidentally downloaded and upgraded to the 2.0.2 version, which is only for Leopard.  When i open it up, nothing happens. So, I AppZapped HoudadSpot from my computer, downloaded the "vintage" 1.5.1 version and reinstalled it.  But then the same thing happened. I used PathFinder's "get info" on the newly installed HoudahSpot and, lo and behold, it tells me that it is version 2.0.2.  I checked the preferences and library files at both the computer and user level and could not find any HoudahSpot files that might be causing my computer to think that the newly installed app is 2.0.2.  The really weird thing is that I do the same "get info" on the file in the disk image and PathFinder tells me it is version 1.5.1.  But as soon as I move the file to the Applications folder, the version changes to 2.0.2.  There must be a file somewhere that I need to delete, but I'm not sure where.  Any ideas?


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Sorry, I know of no explanation why Finder or PathFinder would show a wrong version number. Either there is some caching going on or you may be having a problem with your file system.

Did you try disk maintenance using Disk Utility or AppleJack?

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