I'm using HoudahGeo to geocode my pictures and add keywords.
While normally shooting only jpegs, I sometimes add cr2-files.
This makes it a lot more difficult and time-consuming to add the aforementioned information because you, well, have to do everything twice.

So I was wondering, if you could add an option to "copy" all the geo- and keyword-information from e.g. IMG_1234.jpg to IMG_1234.cr2.
That way I would simply do all the editing on the jpgs and later just let houdahgeo copy that information over to the corresponding CR2-Files.

Furthermore I was wondering if it is possible to force houdahgeo to write geo-&keywords-information, that was previously written to xmp-files, into the jpgs/cr2. So that after this process I can get rid of the xmp-files and have the information solely in the jpgs/cr2-files.

Thanks in advance for your comments

Greetings from germany
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Hi Jörg,

During EXIF/XMP export you can opt to "Bypass XMP sidecars". HoudahGeo will then write to the actual image files even if XMP sidecars are present.

You could use that feature to achieve the copying of tags from JPEG to CR2:

1. HoudahGeo matches sidecars to image file by file name. If you read in a file named one.jpeg and then export its geotags to EXIF/XMP you can force HoudahGeo to create the missing XMP sidecars by checking "Always write XMP sidecars".

2. You can then move the sidecars over to where the CR2 files are stored (can be the same location). 

3. When you then load a file named one.jpeg, HoudahGeo will actually read from one.xmp

4. Now export to EXIF/XMP again and opt to "Bypass XMP sidecars". HoudahGeo will write to the one.cr2 file

Pierre Bernard
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